Florence: Accademia Gallery Tour

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  • No smoking area



Experience the Accademia Gallery of Florence, be enlightened by its historical works, and discover the statue of David. See masterpieces by other artists, as well as the many famous sculptures by Michelangelo.

Enjoy the personalized attention of a professional guide as you explore the Accademia Gallery for 1 hour. This immersive experience will bring Michelangelo’s David to life. See Prigioni and San Matteo, Michelangelo’s famously unfinished sculptures. The Accademia Gallery is also home to many other masterpieces, including paintings and sculptures, from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance. Artists such as Botticelli, Paolo Uccello, Andrea del Sarto and many others are represented. Exit the museum at the end of the guided tour, or remain inside to continue exploring the museum’s collection.