Florence: Baptistery, Duomo Museum, Cathedral, & Bell Tower

USD 90



Uncover the spiritual heart of Florence on a fascinating guided tour that delves into the iconic Duomo Complex. Explore the intricate beauty of the Baptistery, the majestic Cathedral, and the treasure trove of the Duomo Museum. Following the tour, take a moment to ascend the majestic Giotto's Belltower, a breathtaking experience that awaits you.

Embark on a fascinating journey through Florence's sacred heart on a captivating guided tour that delves into the very soul of the city. Explore the iconic Baptistery, the majestic Cathedral (Duomo), and the Opera del Duomo Museum, home to an impressive array of masterpieces. Step into the magnificent Cathedral, one of the world's largest and most renowned churches, whose construction spanned an astonishing 140 years, from 1296 to 1436. Be awestruck by the inventive genius of Filippo Brunelleschi, whose iconic dome has become synonymous with Florence. Next, discover the charming Baptistery, a 12th-century gem showcasing the unique Florentine Romanesque style. Your tour then takes you to the Opera del Duomo Museum, a treasure trove of original masterworks from the Duomo Complex, featuring the stunning Gates of Paradise by Lorenzo Ghiberti and Michelangelo's poignant Pietà Bandini. Marvel at the museum's impressive collection of Donatello's works, one of the largest in the world. Finally, ascend the three-tiered Giotto's Belltower, and behold the breathtaking panorama of Florence, dominated by the majestic dome designed by Brunelleschi. (Note: Please reserve your climb up Giotto's belltower at 12:45 pm if you're part of the morning tour, or 6:00 pm if you're part of the afternoon tour.)