Palazzo Vecchio Entrance Ticket with Tower Access

EUR 25
  • Accessibility
  • 221
  • No smoking area



Palazzo Vecchio houses amazing art and is a fortress of history and culture. Combining architectural styles from the many centuries it's lived through, choose what you want to see and go at your own pace with these guaranteed-access tickets.

Palazzo Vecchio is the heart of Florence—full of rich art and culture, the Palazzo was built in the medieval era to house government affairs. During your 2-hour self-guided visit, explore the museum, archaeological site, tower and battlements (depending on which option you select).  Your tickets guarantee you access to your selected sites at Palazzo Vecchio. Access the Tower, an unmistakeable symbol of the city and one of the oldest parts of the complex, built in the early 14th century. Visit the museum, where you can admire the famous Salone dei Cinquecento, the "Hall of Five Hundred", a magnificent hall with a tumultuous history. See the archaeological site, including the remains the Roman Theater of Florentia. Finally, access the battlements for a spectacular view of the city.